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We are true leaders in mobile digital billboard trucks. We have over 15 years of experience in this arena and are trailblazing this modern way of advertising as we were the first to design, build and bring this medium to markets all across Southern California.

Show stoppers LED mobile billboard trucks in Los Angeles

Our high visibility campaigns generate a great return on your business investment by helping reach your target audience on your terms, thus generating more revenue month after month. There is no better way to get in front of thousands of potential customers daily, than with our digital LED billboard trucks be it at a concert, professional sporting event, or a store opening, Everyone around will be drawn to the graphics, the colors and the premium sound our truck can provide, thus generating interest in your business that can generate more profits.

Our truck is an OUTDOOR TV ON WHEELS that plays only YOUR ADS, giving your business the chance at success it deserves. Call us today and Get A Free Quote!!
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Mobile Advertising Truck in Los Angeles

How does the Mobile billboard advertising trucks works?

Mobile billboard trucks in high traffic business districts by day, or advertise at convention centers, concerts and festivals by night. These two examples are only a small portion of the endless possibilities for advertising in untapped markets. With Showstoppers LED mobile billboard trucks, you can pick and choose when and where you want your message seen. Don't waste time or money advertising to the wrong demographic, but rather gets focused advertising to clients who have highest potential of using and or purchasing your products or services. Send our trucks to where the people are, specifically where the people who want your product or service are. Advertise with a purpose and demographic in mind that will generate profits and make your bottom-line soar to new heights.

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Advertising Campaigns Los Angeles

Whether your advertising needs are local, regional or on a national scale, we have you covered. Advanced Mobile LED is the premier advertising outlet that will help you drive your message home – no pun intended.

Why hire our digital mobile billboard trucking services in Los Angeles?

When you have over 215 sq ft of digital screen on the road in front of you and next to you, it is impossible to not be intrigued and pay attention!! Because the mobile billboard is traveling in traffic, stopped just like the other drivers, the engagement time and focus of your audience is drastically higher in traffic than traditional billboards where cars are whizzing by.

You are the exclusive advertiser on our trucks, so you can run multiple creative streams. These streaming ads can be animated, static, and in some cases, videos can be played on loops. Be creative...tell a story and let us help you get your message out.

One LED mobile billboard truck can do the job of multiple stationary billboards, saving you money and reaching a greater target audience.

Digital Billboard Quick & Easy, Whether the goal is to create:

  • Interest around a new product/service
  • Promote your business at a major event
  • Simply reinforce brand awareness to your audience

We work collaboratively with media buyers and media planners to help achieve their targeted advertising needs. Getting started is so easy, call us today!!!! We are ready to help grow your business through engaging state of the art mobile digital billboard campaigns throughout your city today.

How to Rent a Mobile Advertising LED Truck?

It is simple Process Getting started. Provide us with the following details:

  • Dates for advertising to campaign
  • Objectives
  • Desired Locations/Routes
  • Audience/Demographics
  • Creative
  • Once approved, your campaign can be up and running the very next day!
  • Proven Results

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Mobile Billboard Advertising in Los Angeles, California