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Show Stopper offers billboard truck coverage for every occasion:

  • Sports Events
  • Restaurant Advertising
  • Private Events
  • Schools Advertising
  • Grand Openings
  • Trade Shows
  • Political Advertising
  • Real Estate Advertising
  • Corporate Advertising
  • New Product Launches
  • Community Events
  • College Advertising
  • Festivals Events
  • Universities Advertising
  • Much More!

Services Offered


Show Stopper has provided LED Mobile Advertising trucks in California

Led Truck Advertising

The LED Mobile truck allows you to bring your brand wherever whenever. Create an experience that is a true Show Stopper amazing surround sound, Highest quality images/videos, and live streaming. Perfect tie in for any Campaign.


Optimize your dollar and your impact. wether your just starting out or are a seasoned business. We know you want to make the most of your ADs.


Appearances plays a big part in how you are perceived by customers. Having the right look from your Logo to your Website. Lets people know who you are and what you do.


Developing Brand identity is what separates you from the competition. Everything from your logo to your colors and your message. Build for your Business like it was its own personality.

Our Gallery

We work with big and small companies.

Mobile LED Billboard Truck Advertising
Mobile LED Billboard Truck Advertising
Mobile LED Billboard Truck Advertising
Mobile LED Billboard Truck Advertising
Mobile LED Billboard Truck Advertising
Mobile LED Billboard Truck Advertising
Mobile LED Billboard Truck Advertising
mobile digital led billboard truck advertising

Share Anywhere Anytime

Advertising on the go built for the modern world. Take your message directly to your consumers. Flexibility at a moments notice in multiple media forms Static Slides, Video, and Live Streaming play your way.

Optomize Campaigns

Create a synergetic ecosystem of Ads through the combination of Geo mapping, SEO Funnels, and analytic data. Creating the most impact for your Dollar.

Hit Your Target

Wether your Goal is to sell a product or share a message. We do more than just drive around with screen, we develop a strategy and understanding of your brand.

Affordable Mobile Billboards trucks Near Me

Have you been looking for an affordable way to buy billboard advertising with the flexibility of changing locations throughout the campaign? Our LED Mobile Billboard Trucks are perfect for campaigns that need to retarget based on response. The cost per impression is minimal compared to almost any other kind of advertising.

Call us today to speak with a mobile billboard advertising specialist!

Regardless of your target demo, ShowStopper’s LED Mobile Billboard Trucks are a great option as part of your marketing mix. Our advertising specialists will work with you to deliver your message to your target audience effectively, quickly, and inexpensively. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help with any other facet of your campaign. There is nothing that we cannot help you with.

Mobile Billboard Truck Campaigns

ShowStopper’s Mobile LED Billboard Trucks offer an excellent ROI by reaching your target audience on a rotating basis with reminder messages daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally. There are no other forms of advertising that offer such an effective delivery of a message at such a low cost per impression.

Whether we set up our displays at a concert, sporting event, the grand opening of a retail store, or other place where people gather, our trucks continually grab attention and help deliver a message for your business that can result in a high ROI.

Traditional fixed billboards are limited to one single location. In order to reach a large area, you would have to buy dozens of billboards around the city to reach the same number of viewers that just one of our trucks can cover in a day.

Here are two examples of the endless advertising possibilities brought by LED Billboard Mobile truck:

  • Advertise in high traffic business districts by day with our trucks circulating.
  • Advertise at convention centers, concerts and festivals by night in nearby parking lots.

With Showstoppers LED mobile billboard trucks, you can pick and choose when and where you want your message seen. Send our trucks to where people are and you will stand out from your competition.

Why Are Digital Mobile Billboard Trucks Effective?

It’s hard not to pay attention to a 215 sq. foot screen when it’s right in front of you.

When a mobile billboard is stopped in traffic the engagement time and focus of your audience is drastically higher in traffic than traditional billboards where cars are passing by quickly.

We don’t sell partial shares, so your advertisement is the exclusive advertisement on our vehicles, allowing for extensive A/B testing, creative video displays, and other interactive content promoting your brand.

One LED mobile billboard truck can do the job of more than a dozen traditional billboards; saving you money and helping you reach a larger percentage of your target audience.

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Specializing in mobile digital led billboard truck advertising, and unique outdoor media placement throughout the California.