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Instant Action

Digital enables instantaneous creative updates and the ability to respond in real-time to current events and market conditions.

Competitive Pricing

We want to create long term relationships, trust is essential in any deal. our goal to give you the most competitive pricing available on the market. LED trucks are one the most affordable from of advertising versus traditional billboards.

Proof of Performance

POP ensures your advertising dollar was well spent by providing photo documentation and Google Earth GPS tracking data, within one week of our campaigns’ completion.

LED mobile billboards are play a huge role in disruptive technology that replace old advertising and business tactics and models by replacing them with attributes that are recognizably superiorand reflect new consumer purchasing patterns. People are not used to seeing giant TV trucks driving around, so when these graphics drive by, people take notice and pay attention. Oftentimes, peoplewill pull out their phones, take pictures and even make tik toc videos which are becoming more and more popular than ever. Those pictures and videos are shared with friends and on social media, reaching even more potential client that can only equate to an increase in profits.

Your ad is seen exactly when and where you want it to be seen. Our professional staff works with you to determine the best time, routes and coverage for maximum exposure to your target audience.

Most buying decisions influenced by what we see and hear. When your ad is driving next to a consumer, they cannot change the channel, mute it, or ignore it, especially in traffic. Most consumers may even welcome the distraction while in traffic thus creating a good feeling around your product or service, making it more appealable and thus subject to being purchased by the consumer.

We are a female-owned business that strives to help our clients reach their goals of success by helping them generate more profits as well as brand awareness through high visibility advertising. Ladies, start making boss lady moves, and help us, help you, grow your business today!! Our business is all for women empowering women entrepreneurs and helping them succeed.

This form of advertising is the most effective in targeting your audience due to its real-time capability. You can live stream videos with premium audio sound. People can’t help but look and the ads and become engrossed in the ad!

If you are looking at this page, you are most likely in a position where you have found an event that has your dream clients and you want to get your brand in front of that audience in a memorable and engaging way.

You might be feeling stressed because that event is only a week or two away and there are not a lot of options left at this point. Or maybe there aren't any billboards in the area available. In either case, options are limited.

What if I told you that we work with this type of situation EVERY DAY and we have become experts at micro-targeting events! Whether it is a professional sporting event, political rally, movie promotion, outdoor music festival, store opening, or product promotion, we have done it all.

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